Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Daily play has its rewards.

Years ago, I remember my mom telling me that her early morning runs were her playtime. She took something daily and repetitive, like running, and gave it a mental slant that made it something to be excited about.  It was fun to do? Yep.  And, it actually is once you get out of the house and down the street.  I am not fast or committed to "having to" run - I love to walk,  and my favorite "playtime" is on my bike.  I love my bike.

Daily play also brings great ideas to mind.  If you are the kind of creative person that has the most brilliant ideas during the night or when you are shampooing your hair- this is one of those activities!  Perhaps it is because there is no way to write the ideas down? (seriously.) 

Are you like me - do you have the most fantastic ideas on outings:  blog posts, emails to write, lists of great creative things to try, people to pray for, a perfect idea for something you have been fretting over, cookies you should try...whatever.  It all seems to flow so easily when out of the house ~ do you agree?

Okay, all of that is good...But here is another reward~

All of the places my feet and bike tires visit are turning into my photographer's studio!  All walks/runs/bike rides seem to lead to this... Isn't that cool?  I have been looking around, wishing I had "a real studio" or place dedicated to good lighting ~ but what could be more lovely and yummy than this?   God's gorgeous canvas ~ a perfect studio.

{setting up for engagement pictures at these gorgeous places i just found this week!}

This season of change calls for seeing the world in a new way. The fall leaves, the cooler air (soon!), and the lovely golden light.  Divine.

Take that camera, sketch pad, or just your running shoes and go see what you can find!  (I would love to hear about it, too.)

Have an adventure today!  

Thank you God for this beautiful playground~

in Grace & Peace,

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