Sunday, September 12, 2010

random four

Just posting a few favorite photos from this weekend~

I am sitting at the computer, busily uploading my camera's cards from a wild weekend of on-site shooting. It was crazy fun...

We had a couple of college girls (family friends) that wanted pictures of their lives before life changed forever, one of the girls is headed to the Navy in just weeks.  It was meaningful & highly entertaining.  They were adorable - so willing to stomp through the weeds for the best sites and never complaining about a single thing - my kind of girls!


I was also lucky enough to get to attend a Plein air/Art weekend in Spring City with my parents and Grandmother.  I was so preoccupied with all that was going on I didn't get many pics - so loving the time with family.  I feel great about what I did capture - just a bit of everything mixed with some creative interest. I will post those this afternoon.   

My littlest son joined up on the evening photo shoots this week, and he was a great addition to have.  He would jump in for a shot and then lament that he didn't have the right lens!  (Hilarious - where did he get that?)

I also had to include the tiny sheep herd that is still here at the farm, they are doing so well.  All growing in great girth & wool.  The babies are still such sweeties.  

I am praying, hoping, and sending you love this weekend - I hope your weekend is filled with goodness, too.
Posting many more pictures today, check back~

love and lambs,
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