Thursday, September 16, 2010

the puppies~

I know...they are the sweetest things (next to lambs), right?

And a great picture of the Mum dog, a Great Pyrenees, and Farmer B.  This dog is such a beauty and she is such a good Mum.

Well, the day started less than okay.  The head-cold was in full swing and I could hardly see straight for all the cold meds I took, but I just wanted to see those puppies.  So with a swimming head I went out to the farm, played with the Mum dog, and loved all over those puppies and soon realized...there were no sheep.

Now how does a sheep rancher have a farm that has no sheep?

Well, it took a while, but we found them (there are only a few misfits).  The sheep had taken themselves on a field trip.   If you know sheep, you know that this happens - they like to party when you're not watching.  

Here they come~ sheepish sheep...stinkers...(that is my head-cold talking).

With those silly sheep taken back to the farm and the puppies all napping,  Farmer drew a map of the sheep camp I am going up to visit.  At 10,000 feet, the camp is on top of the ridge of mountains in front of me.  The scrub oak are all bright red now and the mornings are frosty.  It will be a perfect time for a visit.

I just wish I could take my sheep loving friends along, what a fun adventure that would be?

Want to see more of the puppies?  Of course you do~
There are five gorgeous fluffy-lumps-of-pup.  So cute.

The growling little things, barely bigger than the tiny weeds.  Just wanna squeeze them.  

And one last pic from a wildfire that is burning just to the south of our valley - a beautiful view of something so terrible.  We always have these wildfires in late summer and hope they never get close.  

Love to you from the wild and woolly (and puppy) barnyard of life~ 
Grace & Peace,
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