Friday, September 10, 2010

how many pit bulls did you say?

My new neighbors take walks like this.

Do you see that pack of dogs and their leader - no hands!

Which makes a girl like me stop in her tracks, and have to run for the camera.  And then question, with everyone else in our small town, "What's all this about?"  Poor new neighbors, they don't have a chance for solitude here, even I have to know all their business.

Jeff and Myra are dog lovers.  Huge dog lovers.  They have opened up their hearts, home, and every minute of their lives to these creatures. They are amazing in their depth of knowledge about the hearts of animals and how to reach them (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).  All of these dogs are on the mend in one way or another (one was abused with a blow torch?!).  Jeff and Myra are their biggest advocates and guardians - allowing the other dogs in the pack to help in the healing process.  Beautiful dog whisperers~

One of the most healing parts of their recovery/rehab process is the littlest pit bull.  This little love-bug snuggles up with the broken dogs that come in, and teaches them to trust again.  Isn't that a precious heart of hope and peace?

Jeff was so kind to let me and Mitz (my photo-mate),  take all the pictures we wanted at the park. We asked loads of questions, had the chance to be amazed, and be treated to a hefty dose of dog slobber.  Fun stuff~

Wee little "Chewie" looks over his friends heads and guides them back to the road.  Obviously we can tell he is well respected in the pack?

All of these dogs are getting ready to go to new homes and I hope as they travel the same roads as I do, that I can collect more of their amazing stories along the way.

Thanks for sharing Jeff and Myra and the pack ~ we are sure glad you are here!

In the blessed & hope-filled barnyard today,

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