Friday, September 24, 2010

good morning autumn

I turned off my head today.  I decided that she (my head) was being bossy and that I needed to take my heart's advice.  Take a time-out.  My heart reminded me that the mornings are best left free of distraction - dishes, laundry, phone calls, tidying.  I have too much to do and see right now, fall is here.  The trees are dropping their beautiful leaves and the snow is coming too soon.  Today's chores can be done later.  This morning is mine (and perhaps tomorrow's will be, too?)  

 I went on a bike ride out the the fields west of town.  I love my bike and have had great adventures riding far from home (like I am 10 years old again - blissful).  I, of course, also needed to stop at the farm to check on the fluffy little pups.  The sky is intensely blue and the cold air is nippy on my fingers as I sail past farm trucks, homes and barns, children already playing in the park.  It is gorgeous~

The farm is so quiet.  Tumbleweeds fill the empty stalls, the golden hay is stacked up higher than a ladder can reach, and the few lonely sheep are picking their morning greens from a frosty pasture.  I sneak in quietly, the puppies (cachorros) are still asleep.  I try to get a picture of the heap of white, like freshly washed wool, in their homemade little home (casita), but they are too quick and see me in the doorway~

So tiny and fluffy.  Mercy. 

 How can you not be overwhelmed at God's goodness when you spend time in this?  There are many difficulties in life ~ and yet, there are these precious gifts of unconditional love that can instantly counteract all that negativity.  A gorgeous morning, a quiet pasture of docile sheep, and slobber kisses from creatures that treat you as if you are their most prized friend.  Puppies just have that special gift, don't they?  

Blanca (Mum) decided to get up close and personal this morning and slobber all over my lens.  She either liked the lens I was using or didn't want any more photos?

 Farmer showed up with food and frolic~ The wonder-twins (the two border collies) and the new pup, Iris.

The dogs all set out to perform a wonderful modern ballet ~ there are a few shots (not good) where all three dogs were not even touching the ground.  They are great  fun to watch. 

I am sure they miss the sheep as much as I do.  They need the sheep, they love to work~

 This little growler decided if Mum liked it, he would try it?

With swans flying overhead, the day is well on its way.  I have to get back to the bossy girl at home (me).

I will make note of how much I love this time of day and not spend it wastefully, winter will be here soon and I need to prepare for it.  I will collect all I can, squirrel away these precious treasures, take as many photos as I can of the beauties of this autumn.  My heart loves that idea.    

I love it, I do.

Love to you Blanca perra!

With great hopes that you can find a few mornings to collect some treasures, too...
What will they be?  

love and lambs,
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