Thursday, September 16, 2010

figuring it out

{I love this picture (thanks Mitz!) - I figured out that I shoot vertically 90% of the time and I still try to use that tripod - I don't know how I haven't hurt someone yet.}

***a disclosure:  I am loaded up with cold medicine, so if I sound funny or say something stupid today - I do have an excuse.

Today is a good day to share...I am seriously in the middle of good stuff and want to spread it out.  My hope is that in sharing, it may inspire you to share as well.  Pour out good on others...give abundantly...teach and be taught... there is so much good...

Okay, so I have figured out a few things:

1.  (as above picture shows) I am a vertical shooter.  I am.  Is it because I am tall?  Perhaps because I crop people's heads off regularly?  I don't know.  I just have a hard time with horizontal shooting - but I am going to try harder to even it out now that I know it.   Do you have something creatively-silly you do, too?  Do you always pick the same color paper/paint?  Have to have certain playlist to be motivated?  Addicted to a certain medium - fabric, paper, font, style and just don't want to change?

2.  I like espresso much more than coffee (sorry you non-coffee drinkers), but I miss Spain's tiny espressos right now.  Do you have a food fetish right now, too?  
3.  I absolutely love these yummy colors.  I want to eat them up.  What colors are ruling your life right now?  Are you ready to paint something?  Buy a new jacket?  Knit something for me? :o)

4.  I am getting help with some blog issues.  I am learning quickly, but as fast as I learn, the learning curve steepens faster, and some people are better at techie things than I am.  Hopefully, with help, I will have a bit of new space to grow.  How are you liking/loving/having issue with your blogging space.  Is it time for a change? 
* Have you looked at Tumbler yet?  (my wee-little tumbler blog)- I use tumbler for collecting things on the internet that inspire me. Some people use tumbler for their blog space, it is very unique & fun, things "tumble" along as they are re-blogged by others.

5.  I love to run.  I have always run.  The renewed energy in the morning (after getting boys to school) and getting laundry started has been the best combination lately.  Plus running to the farm in the morning sun is the perfect thing to do.  Are you invested in something that gets oxygen to your brain? Come on~

6.  I am committed to getting rid of 50 things.  I don't yet know what that means, it just feels right. I am sure I could get rid of 50 things per room actually, but I will start with 50 things today~  Are you giving yourself little goals to push yourself, too?  

Fall is the perfect time to rethink and retool and the cool air makes me want to make cookies (which I don't need) so hopefully this will keep me busy.          

(and when I get rid of those 50 things...)

7.  Does this need an explanation?  Gorgeous, no?

I am getting ready for a bunch of on-site shooting (in the fields - real fields).  I want to show off the bag that is in the works.  Isn't she the sweetest thing?  Mine will be smaller though, about 1/2 size.  I was debating...sitting on the fence...but when I realized the practicality of this bag (on my bike, out in the brambles, and off on sheep trailings) I just couldn't resist.  Plus the Etsy owner is so adorable.

Have you tried Etsy for your shopping lately? Support homemade...these artists are amazing!

8. I have found some gorgeous images in my thousands of photographs from this year.  Is this Norman Rockwell or what?  This sweetest little lamb laying down was one I held for the longest time.  The poor thing couldn't walk, her leg was deformed.  I helped Farmer tape her up and she was so thrilled with her new splint.  I need to re-visit my photos this week/weekend.

Do you have a project that is needing your attention, too?  Do you have special memories that need to be shared and remembered?  Just do it!   Write a blip in a Word document, email yourself, blog about it ~ Whatever works...use this amazing tool of the internet to work for be your online journal.

I am uploading pics of the little puppies at the farm. Even with a bad head cold I had to go see the newest litter!!!   Check back later for the update~

Oh, and leave me a bit of something to be inspired by...share something that feels right to share today, I would love it!

In Grace & Peace,
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