Monday, September 20, 2010

book smarts & cachorros

{I had to put this pic - so cute, huh?  The glowing pink is from a wildfire burning.}

I wrote out a list Saturday.  A great list, all organized by chore/child/room/holiday/need.  I looked it over carefully and added things I especially wished for (with little red hearts placed tenderly around each) and then I wrote boldly across the top - "Be nice to yourself - Self!"

Be nice.  Like leaving a note to one of the teenagers around here to not be so teasy.  I have to say, in all the silliness, it actually worked.  I was immediately nicer to myself.  My inner chaos settled down, I could think without stress, and I knew exactly what I should.

 I should go finish that book~

I have to say, out of all the random things I have learned recently from my new sheep loving friends, they are consistently about the same thing~ sharing a good read.  I don't know for certain that this is true across the board with all sheep-peeps, but recently it's the case here (even Farmer's wife was the favorite librarian here for years).

I can't say that there is more time in a sheep-peeps day to read - but to schedule in beautiful prose & poetry over breakfast or at 10:45 at night ~ blissful.

Here is a bit of my reading pile for your perusal and if you want to share what you are delving into - now is the time, I have my Amazon tab up and waiting for your short-list. 

Julia Cameron ~ I have five of her books in my bedroom book pile right now. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, depleted, or confused about my creative life, she speaks peace and abundance into the weariness.  My fav of course is "the Artists Way" and it lives next to my bible, I love her writings.  I have found her "Faith & Will" to start anew.   

My little yellow Spanish/English Dictionary ~  $3.97 at Walmart.  I am going to label everything this year.  I am very visual and I think this may do the trick.  Did you know that pasture is pasto?  It's like wavy green noodles in the breeze.  "Come get your pasto."  See, it is easy!

Sylvia's Farm (the journey of an improbable shepherd) by Syvia Jorrin.  I thought I loved the farm, nope, *this is more than love* and she sealed it for me.  I am in awe of this woman.  She is a delightfully fresh read, she has such a heart, and she is so gifted at sharing the sweet with the sad in just the right amounts to make you want to keep reading her stories.  Brilliant. I hope to grow up to be as honest in my writings as she is~ I love this book.  (Syvia's site)

Unclutter your life in one week by Erin Rooney Doland.  I found this in the pile of books I have yet to read and it gave me great hope.  She says on Thursday (remember, this is a one week book) that, "all routes lead to a remarkable life".  Dang, I want that kind of a Thursday~   

{cachorros ~ puppies} 
 Did you know that these little puppies nurse just like lambs do?  

I laughed just watching the furry babes all wrestling each other to reach the Mum.

They don't teach you that in books. 
I have three sheep books bookmarked and in various stages of reading, all super boring, nothing like being at the farm.  I also have a hearty pile of photography books, all in various stages of note taking/scribbling (please tell me you do that, too?  How does one ingest a book without adding her own exclamations or emotional scratches to the book?)

I also wrote down how many books I found in my bedroom that I have read at least half way through, ready?  Thirty-one. I also had 9 magazines all earmarked and lovingly smushed between the books.  I love to read (well, at least half?).  I am going to deal with this pile this week.  I have to,  pronto, I have more books on the way!

So today, in love and faith~
believing that Spanish can be learned quickly.
That shepherds can find time to read what they love to read.
And that you and I are being tended by our Great Shepherd, and held today~
In His arms of all creative goodness,

Su Amiga, your friend, 
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