Sunday, September 12, 2010

art + sheep =

A brilliant morning of sunshine & cool air to follow us on our path around town.  The entire artist community here in Spring City opened its doors to those of us interested in seeing their personal creative space.  A little mountain town that loves its smallness & loves its sheep.

The people we met were open hearted and wonderful ~ and it helped that I brought my own peeps ~ my parents and my sweet Grandmother.  Artists in their own right, they are great at appreciating and loving other's creations.  It was great fun~

Honey pots line shelves out on Main Street~

Looking at the beauty of a potter's outdoor studio & kiln ~ the pathway littered with shards of pottery~

Looking deep into the kiln and seeing the white pegs that hold the pottery away from the hot surface~

Napping jars~

Meeting Lee Bennion, a well loved Utah artist in her home studio.  Lovely girl~

My Mum and Grandma, being amazed at all the *energy* this artist instills in her paintings~

Rows and rows of color~ love it!

The sweetest little farmer's market, my sweet Grandma, and a yummy lunch ~

My favorite sheep artist~ Lynn Farrar & Sophie Soprano's studio home~
A little scratching in her sidewalk, a sweet thought of how deeply sheep/lambs get into your head and heart~

Loved the day, loved the experience and all I learned~
I love to study people and their passions.

More photos can always be found here.

Love to all,
in the hands of a great and gracious God,
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