Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wake up and be brave~

As the summer evening is cooling off, I found a way to sneak up quietly on the sheep.  I didn't surprise the Ewes with my flip-flops and tripod, they were eager to get going on the evening meal.   Those Mums hardly pausing to look up and see where I was going - hungry.

I set up and sat in the warm grass and waited to see the little ones wake up.

For those that know about Freckles, this is a great shot of how he is doing (behind the waking lamb).  Healthy and silly and happy is the only way to describe that sweet babe.

This little one can barely open his eyes.  He perks right up when he realizes how close I am~ Hello sleepy!

I think of all the photos I caught tonight, this is one of my favorites.  You can almost feel the warm fleece and smell the alfalfa.  Long tails tell you that these are boys, the short tails are the girls.

And of course because I had gotten so close, I couldn't back up in time to catch this babe.  More hungry than interested in me.  She is so sweet (and now without a nose?).

I feel so blessed to be a part of this mess of misfit sheep.  I have loved every day/evening/minute I have spent here at the farm. There is so much to learn and I am all over it this fall - two new books and a trip to Ketchum, Idaho's famous sheep trailing (third trip).

I am not sure where this path leads, but I have a Shepherd to be with me every step of the way.  Yes!
Do you need encouragement on your path?  Are you in transition or a place of unknowing?  I am prayerfully thinking of you today~

We are all misfits in this wild barnyard of life and we are so loved~
Open your eyes today and be brave~

Love and lambs,
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