Sunday, August 8, 2010

today be brave~

{A gorgeous backyard wedding.  I was invited to take photos for the florist ~ petal-paparazzi}

I am so grateful.  I have been overwhelmed by creative & wildly brave projects that have come my way.  Thank you God for untying my baby-feathers and letting me try out my new wings...

This is a beautiful season of growth and all I want to do is *share the good* that comes from stepping out in a super brave way.  If you have taken Kelly Rae's class you know what "Put on that brave hat!" means~

It means: gut it up, give yourself a little pep talk, take that next step, finally ask for help, reach into your desk for that pen,  reach out for that new box of paints, take hold of that camera (and the manual!), decide today to sign up for that class that keeps re-visiting you...
Today, just do one hard thing...

Don't let your inner editor tell you what to do - she doesn't see what God sees, her vision is so limited.

Don't listen to friends/family that are not supportive - they don't see the wings that God has made for you.

Don't think your gift isn't valuable - (Sometimes it is best not to think so hard about this!)  Just let your love and hope shine through your creative works - whatever they are - and be a blessing to others.  It has a lovely way of coming back around ~ to help you on your path, too.

If you need a hand to hold, I am here for you, and everyone else on this path is here, too.

You are not alone.

You are supported and loved and cared for in such happy and healing ways.  The world needs you and what you have to say and what you have to share...

Make visible what, without you, 
might perhaps 
have never been seen.
-Robert Bresson

In love and lambs, in this gorgeous barnyard today...
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