Sunday, August 22, 2010

a sunny snapshot~

If you have ever spent time in the mountains, you know how green and lush it is in August.  The hot of the valley is left behind for the breezy, sun streaked, open meadows of this place.  It is like a green summer dream here in Deer Valley, Utah.  Winter skiing is every person's dream, but summer? Gorgeous.

We came to see family that are visiting from NYC, and this was a perfect place for the many children to play, to clear our minds of all the prep of school starting Monday, and be with those we love for just a few hours.

Our newest little niece.  (The boys are all fascinated with her.)  She is pure joy.  She calls all the cousins "babies",  how adorable is that?

Sunshine, good food, adventures high in the mountains...yes, rest and relaxation.  But with sons, no summer outing is truly complete without a big dose of water.

Take a moment to find a way to unwind today ~ have a big taste of sunny summer before it all changes~

It is all in Your big hands today,
Thank you for your sheltering love God~
and for the beautiful new day you have given,

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