Wednesday, August 18, 2010

practice seeing yummy~

The thrill in having a camera lens as an extension of yourself~ is the opportunity it gives you to see too closely.  Like visually feeling a delicious poem, or tasting yummy with your eyes~

I think it is beautiful. 

Not one of these photos is perfect ~ but in capturing real life and light, they are beautiful to me.  They are also my daily practice.

One of the ways I have grown as a photographer (and as a creative girl) this past year was by being brave enough to join a photography group.  I knew the only way to get better was to put in the hard work.  I was a shy onlooker and not sure if I could possibly have much to offer a real group, but I put on that brave hat one day in March and asked to join a really brilliant flicker group~ 52 Walks.  

I decided at the beginning that I would be an active, consistent and encouraging member.  I promised myself to at least try every challenge that was presented and work on new skills every week.  Putting in the hours...

And it has been a blast.

If you want to be really good at something, it takes practice.  Loads of practice.  It may sound overwhelming or hard?  Nope.  Really when you get your head & heart involved, it is just playtime for adults...

* * * * * 
So, at the top of my list today (and yours, right?),  "What are you going to work on today?"

If you are interested in a photography group - look at the one I adore~ 52 walks. Or pick a subject, place, interest you may find inspiring?   You will laugh at my other favorite~ Obsessive Sheep Photographers (i am not kidding).

Love to you from the beautiful barnyard of life,
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