Sunday, August 15, 2010

playful portraits~

My good son (today), even if he only gave me a half a second to shoot his adorable face~
When your mother is a photographer, you do everything you can to make her job a bit more challenging?  I guess this is the case.  With all the happy family pictures I should have from this weekend, these are a few of my fav out-takes.

I can't get this son to sit still long enough for a shot...
And you, too?  Good grief.

Oh, well.  At least this one hasn't gotten tired of my photo-taking-antics, he loves to get his picture taken.  This trip, he even came prepared with his own camera.  Love it.

As I collect photos for my current portfolio~ I am so aware of those treasured shots that show the brilliant life, love, and light of goodness (of God).  Spirit simply shines.  Sometimes the shot is a playful, happy and colorful candid.  Sometimes it is a precious portrait caught in the flash of an eye~ with children this is always the case?

In describing a photographer, it is said we are light chasers.  Love that.

It is always a silent moment for me to upload one of those shots and see the gift that it reveals.  I think it is the passion behind a photographers see *that light* the shiny, sparkling light brilliantly displayed in new ways everyday.    

Do you have treasured photos you would love to share?  Send me a link, I would love to see.

With much love,
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