Tuesday, August 24, 2010

list {learning}

All my little (and big) boys are back in school.  Yes!

I am thrilled for the more structured setting it provides.  I need structure as much as they do!  The bedtimes get easier, there is a new focus on things outside of summer pleasures (bittersweet), and the lists of "what will be taught in my class" start piling up on the counter. So, I thought I would fetch my notebook and see what was on my short list of learning right now.

This summer, I gave myself the challenge to learn something new everyday (not little things - the big), and I have done really well.  As the photo above demonstrates I have now almost mastered the post office shipping!

So here is my list (the serious & the silly):

1.  Figure out how to have a meaningful relationship with Ace the dog (while Farmer is away).  He doesn't listen to me and he loves to chase the baby lambs when I let him go out on his own.  Look at that face...

2.  Go through my images from the lambs/sheep/farm and choose what I want for autumn and for the holidays.  Make a list of holiday cards.  Calendar my plans for creating, ordering, marketing all of this.  

3.  My online "Inspiration" class (with Elizabeth Dillow -one of my favs).   I love this class.  I love her simple style ~ I am going to try hard to keep up, I always do better with online classes if they are current and I feel accountable.  She had us invest time this week in learning how to do online inspiration collection ~ Tumbler, have you heard of it?  Love it.  

4.  Tumbler. I am going to refer to Tumbler as "my wee-bitty-blog".  As I just mentioned, it is a collector of all things lovely.  You add things from the www and then as you collect friends along the way (like fb), you also collect all of their collections.  Yum.  

5.  Exposure.  Reading the book, doing the work, feeling the love.  You can't be a great photographer if you don't know what you are doing technically ~ you can't be creative if you can't think through your white balance setting.  It's true.  I am reviewing all that I know and don't know~
6.  Making an honest assessment list of what I want to do this school year.  I have some great options and I am hoping that it will all become clear soon.  I want to do it all~

7.  Making peace with change. My oldest son just moved out for college and I am still trying to decide how to feel (strange?).  My little baby boy is now in 2nd grade so I can't really say I am home with the baby anymore. And a good friend is moving away ~ her home is in the background of this shot and most of my farm shots.  Nothing stays the same~

8.  Spanish.  I am going to learn conversational Spanish.  I have to, I want to, I need to.  My DH has already mastered fruits and body parts.  I need to catch up!  

9.  Do what I love ~ regardless of outcome -and- Do what I don't love ~ regardless of outcome.  I will post more about this later. It is a concept of befriending the left brain (brilliant idea) a book by Lisa Sonora Beam, the Creative Entrepreneur.  For someone like me, this is so necessary!

10.  Love Big.  Also a post for later.  I am collecting all kinds of yummy about how important it is to open up that happy heart and love in a big HUGE way ~ God wants us to live in His abundant love (John 10:10), it is easier, it is full of real/transparent/wholeness and He shows us how...

11.  ?

I would love to hear about your creative learning adventures~ What are you inspired by right now?

If you want to try Tumbler, let me know, I would love to see your "wee bitty blog", too.

In love, 
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