Tuesday, August 17, 2010

have you ever felt this way~

I had a strange day yesterday.  I was so thrilled at the wonderful energy that comes from getting kids ready for school and I had a great bout of fun getting ready for my photo-shoots.  Then the trouble began.

A less than nice email.

I know it happens.  I know in the creative world that there are loving, helpful, and sweet mentors and friends that like to make the path more clear (because others did that for them), or they will  just help you to have confidence to move forward.  I have surrounded myself with these kinds of friends and I have learned so much through their example of open-handed-love.  Give and receive...

Then I think there are creative types that seem to live life like there is such scarcity.  Perhaps not enough for everyone?  Or that someone could be an artistic threat to what they do?  I don't know.  I am perplexed by this.  I have come across it twice in two weeks~ not pretty.  (Both are professional photographers - neither issue was about me, one was about my asking a question on how to do something and the other was about being at the same event)

I personally believe that there is *more than enough goodness* to go around, and I believe that a good creative God lavishes creative abundance on everyone.  Art begets art.  The more we lovingly create and share~ the more amazing art (and heart) we have!

God doesn't hold back on us. We stunt our growth through our own filters of fear, insecurity,and self-pity.   That kind of thinking is living in fear~ and when we lash out at others it isn't pretty and it isn't nice.

I want to live a life of loving abundance~

I am going to treat you that way and I am going to treat myself that way.  If someone wants to rain on that parade, go ahead and try...

...I will love all over you!  I promise!

Praying tonight
for hearts to feel your abundance,
God, in your blessed place of peace~


(sorry to hurt your eyes with that intense bit of flare...ouch!)
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