Friday, August 6, 2010

blessed barns & treasured teachers~

{Andreason's lovely B&B.  Want to sit down? Ice tea perhaps?}

There is goodness to share...

I have been getting a lot of shooting done (with a camera :o) ).  I am seriously in love with the lenses I am using, and I am addicted to this gorgeous evening light.  Addicted!

I have a self-imposed deadline for many of the collections I am working on, which is the best way for me to work (I seriously boss myself around - and I actually listen & do what I am told?!).  I am focusing right now on some of the beautiful monuments that are falling down before our eyes...the old pioneer barns (circa 1890's).

Really the best way to get to these barns is by walking or biking.  They are hidden in these small towns, deep behind  homesteads or way out in large fields. I thought they were tough to get to until I started shooting the barns right next to the roads - these barns are BIG! To get any perspective I have to get 3 blocks away? So crazy.  

The barn above has finally made it to my etsy shop:  and she is so gorgeous.
(I think I will do a bit of history with each one as well, giving it a name and a life-story ~ what do you think?)

{another lovely finding from the Andreason's porch}

I have also been re-examining many of the things that helped me through my perfectionism/fears and into healthy creative growth.  I am going to share these this week, simply out of a happy-heart of gratitude.  I also have a bit of worry that I may need the reminder later (anyone over 40 knows what I am saying), and also to be a prayerful encouragement to you - if you are sharing the same path.  

I shared this week that I have been blessed by great teachers.  I have.  Sometimes they are lovely ladies like my sweet Mum, my Grandma, my sister, sis in laws, and good friends.  

{my Mum and I ~ in Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain}

I have also been blessed with wild and whirling words...women sharing their spirit-filled creative lives.  Brilliant writers that are willing to put their lives on display:  Julia CameronAnn Lamott, Phyllis Tickle are three of my favorites.  You know the books that you pick up and just known they are meant for you? For exactly where you are?  Well, these are a few of mine.   All of these ladies have shaped my journey, and I can't wait to meet them personally, and give them a big teary hug.

I also have been blessed by bloggers.  Girls that are transparent and fearless about showing the world their hopes & fears.  Brave!  We all have fav bloggers don't we?   I shared Kelly Rae with you last post...she not only is a great teacher, she rocks (and she is soon to be featuring my "blessed barnyard" on her site!)

One of my most visited is Ann Voskamp.  She literally rocks my spirit some days.  There have been times that the flood-waters of God rush in and I sit in tears and let my soul be torn apart (in a good way). You'll see.  

I won't put others on a one should feel left out of a blog list (one of my very few online pet-peeves).We all have something to valuable to share. If you are touched, leave a comment or email the different bloggers that move in and out of your life.  I do.  It blesses your heart as much as theirs.   

The other powerful teachers these past few months are a bit non-traditional, but just as necessary:  


Pipsqueak.  One of the littlest lambs that stole my heart and changed the way I live, love, and play...forever.

Abuelo Luis.  The Spanish speaking shepherd that blessed my heart with his tender care of the ewes and baby lambs on the farm.  His daily care showed me the heart of God in real/honest ways.  Even though he and  I couldn't converse, I was blessed through watching him work and watching his face as he dealt with the sheep. He was so sweet to me.

The treats that come from this world to bless in every way...Creation is one of the most profound teachers we have, we just have to be open to what it is teaching us.  I use sketching, writing about what I see, and taking loads of photographs, and eating these yummies, as part of learning.  They have blessed me in seeing and understanding my world. 

Spend lots of time outside...and find a way to document it.  I find early morning & evening my favs.

Funky and fun friends (human and not) that find their way into my life...How can I get anything done with these around?  Mr. Serious and his farm chicks that I recently met across the way.  And this morning we were blessed with a little black duckling?  

Oh, yes...I am blessed!

And the best teacher of all.  The one that is always available and sometimes the hardest to listen to~  
The super-creative God that takes my hand, puts a camera in it, and leads me out to see what He has to show me today.  He adores artists...and anyone with an open heart ready to learn...

This is not an exhaustive list teachers, there are others just as important, I just wanted to show the diversity of teachers that come into a person's life that is seeking.  If you seek...they will come...(remember that?)

Today is a new day and the teachers will be new, too.  Just watch and you will see... 

I am praying for your journey & mine~
from the blessed barnyard of life, 

(One more blessed barn peek?) 
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