Monday, August 9, 2010

all creatures great and small~

{look at him scrunch up his little nose...oh, my goodness he is so cute}

* * * 
There is something about this sweet soft air in the evenings that brings the most mundane things to life.  It draws us out of our homes and the little creatures out of their soft beds.  The light streams and moves across the mountain valleys, on top of the clover blossoms, and along our little bike path.

We are riding out to the farm.

Joe went out on a bike with me tonight.  Last year it was a twice a day bike ride (he was so in love with being out on a bike ~ much like his Mum).  Now it is when I can pull him away from friends and computer games.

Bike riding with my boys is my version of is always a perfect time to be together, talk things through, and learn about our big world.  

But tonight was the best.  We laughed until our sides hurt.  Joe could hardly stay on the bike he was riding (small boy ~ big bike), and everything was so dang funny.

Bear, the dog, is down from the mountains.  [fyi: All the sheep are camping up in the high mountains for the summer- sleeping out under the stars, hiking around, weenie roasts, skinny dipping, you know...]  Bear is one of the sheep-dogs that lives with the sheep all year long, he shouldn't be here right now.

I am not sure what having him here means?  I remember Farmer telling me that someone brought him down last year because he had wandered into a yummy-smelling campground. They drove him in their car (a Great Pyrenees in a car?! That is funny!). They lived a hundred miles away and then called to see if someone was missing him.  They had to drive him all the way back the next day.
Joe seems to like his new friend.

Pretty horse~  I do like the horses, but they are serious camera hogs right now. They see me coming and they all want their picture taken...Oh my word!
* * * 

Tonight as usual,  I have my little 50mm lens that I love.  It is tiny, a light hog and so simple to use one-handed (think riding on a bike).  The only problem is - you have to get really close (sneaker-zoom is what a photo-friend calls it).  Sneaker zoom...

So, Joe and I snuck up on the babies tonight.  They were happy as could be in the grass and clover and didn't care for a minute that we were creeping.  They are getting bigger and is always a relief to count all three.

Look at the babe in the middle~

She spotted the horse...

The horse is trying to figure out why it is I love the babies so much?  I think she might just give him a little slobber kiss right on the head?  The little lamb doesn't look up...he just stares at me (good boy).

The second baby now takes off and the first little lamb still doesn't know the horse head is staring down at him.

In just seconds he looks up in horror - and bolts right for me!  I fly backwards, my shoes flip up, my camera flips up, lambs are jumping everywhere and Joe is lol at the whole chaotic thing.  Where is a video camera at a time like this?

Little baby.  Isn't he something?
* * * 

On our way home we ran into this slobbery mess of pure joy...Look at that backbend-of-pure-lovin!

Joe thought our whole outing was a riot and I felt like a great mom.  How can you end a day better than that?

We are off to wash the dog/sheep/horse/puppy smells off of us~
Hugs of love to you from the real barnyard of life,

"All creatures great and small, 
the Lord God made (and loves) them all."

* * * 
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