Saturday, July 31, 2010

wherever you are is the entry point...

 {Quote: Kabir.  Lovely nature: my Mum's house}

The daisies are my reminder from my niece Clara Grace.  She told with me that I didn't have to miss the lambs now that they are all growing up.  Just "look and see" how I can be reminded ~ through the white woolly daisies and the little fluffy clouds.  She is so sweet.

I will remember, Clara, all that you said. When I get so sad that I can't be with the babies, I will look up and see hundreds of them in the sky!


Tonight is a quiet night.  With the cool (pine smelling) breeze coming in the windows and the boys playfully getting ready for bed, I am in happy anticipation of the changing days coming.  I love August ~ the final push of summer, the tomatoes turning color, the cooler breezes, and the anticipation of all that is new.

As this new month begins, I feel the giddiness of all that is coming...
"Wherever you are is the entry point"  
Do you feel it too?

In His sheltering shade tonight,
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