Monday, July 19, 2010


I am sure there are those that think my love of the sheep is a little weird.  I am sure that there are those that look at me flying by on my bicycle in the late evening with my camera wrapped around my neck (on my way to see the sheep), just wonder   "What is she up to now?"  

I am sure it doesn't help that I have a great big grin on my face...

I am sure it looks funny to some ~ but it looks fun, too, doesn't it?  

I bet...sometimes you wish that you were on a tricked out bike, on your way to adventure, too?   

* * *
The little triplets are doing well.  They have been all over the pasture and have stayed close to their Mum.  Their little scrawny bodies are getting stronger, but they are still scrawny.  Sort of like half-filled sacks of wheat?  They are quick, though.  I have to walk all the way around them to make sure they don't scamper away from me. 

My plan this week is to get a shot of all their little faces together - looking at me.  (Anyone that knows sheep is laughing at me right now).   :o)

It seems fairly simple, right?  But now with only a few sheep left in the pasture, they seem a bit more skittish.  When dealing with sheepish creatures in general, they are not good at doing what I ask. 

"Hey guys, lets just line up for this next shot over here?" 

Can you see that curly long tail? Oh, how adorable!

So I get down on my knees in the mosquito infested grass and sneak in on them.  This could be the shot, the one brilliant shot I have wanted.  Nope. The little one has a pesky itch and never lifts her head.  

Then on cue they all flip around to this pose again~

This is the typical pose right now.  Everyone runs to Mum and I am left to wait for them to get brave again.  I am not sure how she feeds this small litter, she is just a eating/milking machine.  Poor, sweet thing.

So the whole group  moves under the big trees and then silly Grandma gets involved.  I don't know about you, but I think Grandmas are the best, and even if this one isn't the real Grandma of these three ~ she sure starts acting like it.  

She nuzzles with the little one and then looks up at me and sticks out her tongue.  What?

I think I just got told off by Granny?  A raspberry from Grandma?

Yep, she gave me that look ~ "That is enough paparazzi you...move on!"     What? from a sheep?!  

I was in a mess of giggles after that.  I stood and waited for Grandma to feel better about me being there.  Oh, she is funny.
(And yes, it could be the salt lick on her tongue ~ But have you ever had a Grandma sheep stick out her tongue at you?  I am sure you would be shocked with giggles, too!)

Then the little ones get brave...

Hello baby, remember me? 

Oh, I think she does. 

And this little one even blows me a goodnight kiss? 

The light gets dimmer and Ewe-Mum leads the way to safety (away from pesky me) and I find my way back to my bike.  A gorgeous night on the farm ~ all is well and quiet and good.  The reasons for loving the sheep are written all over my heart and all over the sky.  

We love (I love), because HE first loved us.  Thank you Jesus. 

Sometimes the best reasons for doing the things we love ~ are in the great ways that God intervenes to show us the joy-filled/tender/funny heart that He has towards us.  He gives us things to love - to show us love?  

That to me is a great reason for getting on my bike at night and seeking out His adventures~  

If you had a tricked out bike and a camera around your neck...where would you go today? 

I would love to see?
* * *
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