Wednesday, July 21, 2010

thank you~

I have been so overwhelmed this week...

I don't know what to do with it all, except to *express my heart* to whoever is listening tonight... So, just imagine me standing on my tiptoes out my kitchen window shouting to the great big world...

"Thank You!    Thank You!    Thank You!"   

I have been given so much good. I don't mean things, money, or isn't anything like that.  I have been overwhelmingly blessed by other people's goodness ~ kindness, loving encouragement, and thoughtful well wishes and good advice. 

These things are better than gold when you are embarking on something brand new, you know?  

This was my first real week of getting *super brave* and opening an online store.  I have shared on my blog some of my favorite images from this year, but to take them - those sweet things - and put them in envelopes and mail them out into the world...I didn't realize how emotionally up and down it would be!   

It is bumpy.  It is exciting.  It is scary beyond belief. 
So thank you...

I love my craft.  A photojournalist is who I am.  I love the images that come from spending too much time behind the lens.  I love collections of time and place, of color, season, of my sons, flowers, and of course the lambs...

And for family and friend that think I may have lost my mind or lost my children in all of this excitement. Oh, heavens no. Everyone is loving the simple summer fun that a small town provides:

Grilling outside | watching the hummingbirds in the morning and the little bats at night | riding bikes | chasing around the yard with water | having friends over all day and all night | evening tennis | baby tomatoes ripening | picking raspberries off the fence | talking with neighbors and friends (that hibernate in the winter) 

Peter making his favorite dinner (anything with onions).

Ben and Joe doing their best to help?

And DH taking me for long walks, or a bike ride, to see the sheep every night. It just can't it get any better.

Do you love the simple things of summer too?

Thank you God for lavishing good,
even when it is the most simple things we need.
We need it...We need you...

With much love tonight,
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