Sunday, July 4, 2010

sheep trailing (ewes & me)

[Photos in this posting are a collection of mine and my Mums. My Mom is an awesome photographer and was so sweet to shoot pics of me with the sheep I love. I will be forever grateful for that generous work of her heart + lens!] 

[If you missed the first trailing story, it is right here.  Enjoy!]

Waiting at the gate...

We got to the gate in time to lace up our running shoes and give the dogs a rub on the head. Farmer and his friends were on horses and four-wheelers, and the dogs were pacing ~ ready for some action.  

My Mum and Dad came along to see/live/photograph the moment as well, and it made the whole experience *that much more fun* for me.  They are such avid sheep peeps, too.
Luis and his dog (always sounds like Olie?) look ready to go.

Farmer looked over his motley little crew (a fine bunch of sheep-crazies), and then went to the gate with a final warning,

"Here come a lot of sheep!"

As the dust flew and settled, we tried to keep up with the herd.

I got to know some of the Farmer's friends and could see how skilled they were at keeping the sheep together.  They have been at this for a long time and they are very patient.  They actually trust the sheep will know which way to go.

Every time I would get nervous about someone getting up in front of the sheep to guide them, these guys would assure me, "The sheep know the's okay".

Really?  Do you know these sheep? 

[Mom got this great shot of Farmer. He looks so serious.  If you look behind him, a bunch of sheep are playing in the Clark's yard.  Oops!]

[My dear friend's home with all of her lovely visitors. Enjoy Garna!]

Another neighbor out in his yard.  He is obviously not happy with the whole situation.  I just smile and wave.  What can you say?

"Hello, we brought our parade to your porch this evening!"

"How about a free lawn massage?  Oh, and free manure, too?" 

Little ones are getting tired and need some extra help.  A kiss and a hug from me, and a lap to lay on (a four-wheeler ride for this one). 

This little bare-foot boy rode up to me with big round eyes and wanted to know "Where did you get all of those sheep?!"

He stayed by my side asking more questions, "Where are you going with all of these sheep?"

I told him that we were taking them all to the mountains to go camping.  He looked at me in amazement and then peddled away to tell all of his friends.  Well, it is sort of camping isn't it? 

Crossing the highway was not as complicated as I thought.  Thankfully drivers are considerate and will at least stop for a few minutes.  The sheep don't seem to care ~ they seem to know exactly where they are going. 

As they turn the final turn, onto the mountain trail, I am again reminded of the simplicity and beauty of sheep and all they have taught me this week.

We are in this messy life ~ together.

We have adventures awaiting us and we should always be ready to go...

Friends are important to have (especially if they are willing to walk for miles in sheep shit poop with smiles on their faces).

You can trust that sheep know the way.  (What? Are you sure?)

Remember to eat a good breakfast because you don't know what the long day brings.

Life has miles of roads & trails to follow and it doesn't do us any good to stop in the middle and get run over by our own mothers. 

Resting from that blessed mess this weekend,
Hope you have a wonderful July 4th!

In God's grace,
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