Friday, July 2, 2010

moving day

 We woke up this morning to a million cows mooing and the loud scraping of metal on street (pooper-scoopers).  The cows are on the move.  It doesn't matter that we aren't cow people, or that we live in town and don't have anything to do with the cow farm, we still have to get up with the cows on moving day.  Who can sleep through endless mooing?

There is a good side to this early morning however.  I needed to get busy and charge my camera battery, clean my lenses, and find some more mosquito spray.  It is a big day for me ~ the sheep are moving to their summer home and I can't miss out on that kind of fun!

Farmer promised he would only give me a few hours or days notice for the big move.  The sheep are being herded together on the western fields right now and I am heading out to see them march into town.  They are being moved in stages, first to the fields just west of town today, then through town this evening, and then up the sheep trails on the side of the east mountains tonight.

Can you hear the excitement in my voice?  Yep.  I am giddy.  I haven't spent nearly enough time with the sheep lately and I miss them.  Do you think they will remember me?  :o)

 [little Pipsqueak from April lambing ~ I miss this little one]

These are the mountaineers that will be pushing the sheep.  I went out to meet these horses last evening.  They are beauties and they seemed to love the attention.  I hope they know what they are doing with 1,000+ sheep - that would be quite unnerving to me if I were a horse.  All that bleating fluff swirling around my legs?

I also had a chance to spend time with little Freckles.  He is so adorable.

 [Freckles the lamb and the last overdue Ewe, sweet little friends]

Freckles is one of the last little lambs at the farm, and he won't be going up the mountain, he is severely disabled.  This little guy is full of spunk and personality but he has some kind of spinal/nerve/brain damage that affects his ability to raise his head.  Grandpa Luis doesn't think he will make it, Farmer just smiles and says "Lets keep him here". I just squeeze the little guy and pray God's tender mercies over him.  Please

In this quiet place, the bitter and the sweet are always being played out and it is sometimes hard to bear. You have to smile away the tears.  God is good, remember...God is good, all the time...

This little guy is a fighter, and keeps trying to do all the things that other lambs do.  He is a healthy little guy and easy to love, I am glad he is staying back.  He blesses us all with his persistence and playfulness. 

I also had to share this pic. The sheep sheerer was here this week to shave a couple of the girls that had missed their haircuts.  I am not sure if he missed her face by accident or on purpose.

"Babe, you have a lovely beard."  

I will see you after the big sheep trailing!   

In the busy barnyard today,
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