Friday, July 9, 2010

grand opening ~

As I have be organizing my days with summer activities with boys (boys, so many boys), I have also been working on these lovely photographs and cards part time.

 I am so glad that I have been putting my hours is finally paying off!  My new (little) shop of lovely images from the farm, garden, and small town findings is open.  I am sure you will recognize many of the pictures, they are all my favorites!

I just flung open the doors Wednesday,and have already had a fun response from sellers at Etsy. They seem to love the little ~Yes~ lamb and are including him in all kinds of collections for summer.

I am grateful for the creative experiences, the people I have met, and I the chance to see God's amazing beauty everyday in the images He shares (even with alfalfa snot :o) ).

Even if you don't buy cards or art, I would love to share?  Just click on the link to the left and it will put you right in the store "YesandAmen".

May your weekend be amazing, and I would love to hear what you think of the newbie store!

Leave a comment and I may even send you something from the grand opening?  :o)

Lamby love to you and yours,
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