Thursday, July 29, 2010

come & see

My personal creative journey all began with the little words "just come and see"...

                                                                {the stone barn in summer}

Such small little words that moved my life in such a powerful way.
They directed my toes to walk, my eyes to look up, and my lens to catch time~

Teaching me to be still.  To be brave.  To be so aware.  

To not miss out on an evening of glowing sunlight~

Some hot days, bathed brilliantly in sun.
Other summer nights just struggling to find a tiny stream of light left~

                                                                 {a little lamb's long tail}

As I learn the most simple things~
and am undone by the images captured and the stories they tell.

How things are held together~

                                      {rusty hand-tooled hardware on the old fences}

And who is new in town~

                                                       {for sale, just down the street}

And the seasons for things are so carefully timed~
                                      {blackberry vines twisting between Carl's fence and mine}

And that if you sit long enough in the sunny field, you can even see lambs fly?
Well, they try :o)

In my stepping out, and stepping into the adventure, little eyes are opened around me.  This adventure is contagious...
Seeing, tasting, knowing *the real* in life and how intimately we are connected to it.

Is God whispering the same things into your heart?  Come and see...

Are you ready to step out in Him, with new eyes and a new heart?

It's time to go...

Come and see...just step out into this place, and let me show you what life really is, and who I really am...
(my paraphrasing...the words of Jesus, the book of John)
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