Monday, June 14, 2010

Want to see?

I am back at work on my creative plans for this summer and I thought you might like a little project tour?

Today I am going to share some of my new designs and my make-shift studio space (aka - my dining room for better light & *Ruby Bloom Shop* for the finished project).  Later this week, I will have an update of my *real* creative space ~ my workspace, and then a lovely walk through of the stonehouse as I am making room for all of our summer guests (& it is a fab space for perfectly lit photo shooting during the day).

Sound fun?
[Not only is this fun for me, it is going to make me straighten up a few things? Always good.]

To begin, I am deep in a project that puts together my photography fetishes + my love for *the simple things* here in this small town.  I chose images I love from the past weeks of lambing, gardening, photo-walking (often trespassing, sorry) and created a few local sets/collections. These growing collections are called:
  • Blessed Barnyard ~ all my favorite images from the farm
  • Pistils and Petals ~ lovely perennials from old pioneer home gardens
  • Sanpete Series ~ a collection of photos based on big & small findings from the small towns all around me

I haven't felt this passionate about a creative project in a long time and it is emotionally & spiritually a very happy place to be. Yes, yes, yes...

These are a few of the postcards I designed and had printed, the lambs are of course my favorites.

The seriously-silly pic of the rooster in his basket nest is also a postcard I had made and love. I am not sure he likes it in that basket, but I think he looks fab.  I am scouting around for some interesting baskets, frames, boxes for an impromptu photo shoot and also for display at some local stores.

More cards of lambs, petals, and a tall stack of fresh hay.  Who wouldn't want a bit of that to remember their drive through this place?  I am also giving you a peek at the back of the cards. 

This little lamb print I also had made into business cards. Each card has a bit of my *creative whimsy* and my contact info on the back (email).  I honestly can't stand how cute this little card is, I want to squeeze the little guy every time I see him ~Cutie!

I am standing on my dining room table taking these photos.  I am grateful for an overcast day - less reflection, but now that the sky is getting really dark it is hard to get true colors.  The prints are all 5x5 which is a fantastic size for "drama" and visual appeal.  I have seen several ideas lately of walls covered in this kind of 5x5 display (here).

These pistil and petal pictures are affixed to some eco-white cards that are really great, giving them the extra backing and lovely feminine look.  The cards are also stamped on the back with my design.

The same idea with baby lambs:

The blessed barnyard collection is stamped with a little lamb hoof (that wasn't easy).

Here is another shot of me trying to get enough light on the prints.

I loved how I could hold them vertically and horizontally and could peek over the top of the lambs seeing budding hollyhocks. So, it blossomed into this idea...

I made this little booklet out of 6 postcards and 3 squares of kraft cardstock.  Then I tied it all together with a bit of striped ribbon and added a couple of embellies.  What do you think?

This is the little booklet I left at Ruby Blooms (my fav local gift + florist).  He is for sale! 
I hope the little cards make other people smile...I love them, I do. 

Here is the booklet's home for today, with all of the other cards ready for new homes...

And with all of the brand new baby lamb cards in their little boxes, I think they look very adorable.  

I hope you are having a lovely creative week...and if you need a card, let me know? 

Your lamb-loving friend,

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