Wednesday, June 16, 2010

art + community + a rock band?

Out of an abundant heart, God gives...
I woke up this morning with cars pulling up and all kinds of commotion happening outside my front door.
I have wanted so badly to be a part of an artist community.  I have read about, seen pics of, and I am in a class studying all the positive and good that comes from a healthy group of artists spending time together  

Creatives that get each other and still like each other, you know?  I want that.

I actually prayed for that this past week, in hopes that I would come across new friends/old friends that would be as inspired as I am to create...

Look what happens when you pray...they show up!

I had a delightful morning, not doing anything I had on my "to dos" list, but visiting, watching, and loving the artists in this wild event.  My neighbor, a widely known and loved artist is currently teaching a class at the local college during the summer and he brought them all here for the day (or perhaps two), and I had no idea!

I do love surprises!  I do!

 My stonehouse in watercolor...precious.

What a delightful day...

To add to that bit of fun, I also had a date with my camera & a rock band.
The long night before, I finished the day with an exciting photo shoot and impromptu concert ~Ben, Josiah, Tyrone, and Ty.  These guys are amazing!!!

It left me wishing and wanting to have *more of that* creative fire in my life.  They are so young and talented and full of it, you know?  

My good friend (Mitz) and I took loads of pics of Ben and his band members for a small concert they are doing soon, and it was a blast to focus on something I never imagined shooting ~ a Christian Rock band?

Very cool.

If this is art + community, I want more.  I love this in my life and I am always anticipating the adventure the next day brings. How about your journey *in your creative life* you have a story to tell?  Do you have something spinning around your head and heart that wants to be listened to, to be shared, to be sketched?

Let's do this wonderful creative messy life together?

Praying for more...from the divine creator of all things...
"I want more, I want more, I want more of you Jesus..."
In His love,

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