Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the wild & the silly

There is always something going on at the farm I am learning.

Even when you think things are quieting down, Farmer thinks up something new to do, or a batch of lambs are born, or mischief is being made by the barnyard animals themselves.  Look with me:

 The wonder twins, Ace and Libby.  They seem to be just dogs, highly intelligent dogs, but really just dogs.  But here at the farm these two have superpowers we do not comprehend.  I imagine they talk over their plans before setting out to round up the sheep. They is quite the show.

Libby, the smaller of the two, is quite a good little herder. She does quite well at getting behind the sheep and moving them along.  Her counterpart, Ace,  is amazingly gifted at getting right into the middle of the herd and getting them going in a whirling circular motion, a lot like a giant whirlpool.

The only time I really fret about this is when I am setting up a beautiful picturesque shot.  A lovely grouping of Mums and babes that would make anyone "Ooh" and "Aah", and then these wonder twins will do something special (a whirling-dervish) and I get this: 

Now is that a picture I want to put on my blog?

I do love these dogs, I do.  I shouldn't tease too much, they have amazing instinct and timing. I am always laughing at how much they love their job.  They live for herding sheep.  

See Libby looking over the group?  This is just before she goes straight into doggy splits. 

[No dogs or sheep were hurt in the taking of this picture. I promise.]

I think Libby may have superpowers we haven't even heard of yet?  Seriously, what dog do you know of that can do the splits?

Onto the rest of the barnyard.

Here is my new friend Sally.

Miss Sally has a superpower eye that keeps track of me and what I am doing.  Most ewes don't care what I am doing when there is food around (as long as I don't sneak up on them).  She is locked in on me with her laser beam eye. 

She also does modeling on the side.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

I should also mention...she sings...(pretty good, too)

Here's her friend Margine.  She wants to model, too.

[Honestly, she stood still for so long watching me it was a Margine photo shoot.]

This little Mum didn't get the message that I was coming so early, she was still de-snotting.

Then there are the babies.  Oh, they are amazing little creatures.  

I think it is crazy that a two day old lamb can figure out how to scratch his little ear with a back hoof?!

Now everyone is trying to help... I don't know about you, but I think that is a cool trick.

Back in the field they are doing fancy tricks, do you see him levitating?  Amazing, no? 

And here you see these two go from completely asleep, docile, and so very quiet...

To this...

A wild pack of crazed-fleece running all over the field.  They nearly ran me over!

Their favorite pastime in the evenings is "King of the hill", at a high rate of speed.   

Another budding singer?  Fabulous.  The hills will be alive with the sound of music!  (I know, stop it.)

Looking back at the barnyard this week, we had:
A terrible snowstorm
    Javi left the farm (a full-time worker)
    Ace hurt a foot
    Babies were born and babies died
     & Stalls are emptying day by day
    I am learning more and more...

There is so much difficulty in this life, and so much good...and in this messy place, I praise God.  He takes *these divine moments* to reach into my heart and teach me things in the dirt and in the mud.  A real and authentic classroom of life...

To show me that wild and silly things happen to make me smile (I have learned this is a favorite pastime of His), that miracles are common place, and that our lives are intimately tended in His shepherd hands.

I see you, Jesus, in this place and I thank you for teaching & tending.

In the blessed barnyard tonight,

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