Saturday, May 15, 2010

Walk 19 (blessed)

Sitting at the kitchen table just after dinner, the evening sunlight is intoxicating.  The warm streams of sun make everything so lovely.  It lights up all the tips of new green grass, makes gold glimmer in the new leaves of the cottonwood tree, and even makes the old rotting wood along the back fence look like beautiful backyard sculpture.  As tired as I am, I can't shake this temptation...

It is the perfect evening for a photo walk.

I grab the gear ~ camera, a good battery (yes, I have learned), a fav lens, and my trusty cohorts, Joshe and Joe. In minutes we are out the door. 

"I wonder what we will see?" I ask them, and wait for their eyes to wake up.

It is so easy for them, one step removed from fantasy and make-believe.  They are looking and seeing things that are real and almost real.  These two are typically the boys with the best finds (perhaps better eyes or lower to the ground?).  Being boys they do obsess with stick swords and treasured rocks (which I also learned early ~ you can never have too many sticks and stones in a boy house).

We tromp around shrubs, fences, small barns, looking and laughing. There is so much to see when the sunlight makes everything seem divinely fresh and photo worthy.  

It is so fun to be out in the warm evening sun.  I have missed this so much. We were out longer than Joe could muster and headed back, but Joshe and I were just getting started.

 The girls are out, and looking less mangy. They were quite fixated on Joshe, and it gave me a lot of time to take some good pics.

As we walked along the dirt road, Joshe found a big chunk of a rock that he thought looked like a half-a-heart.  He wanted to hold it and keep it.  I figured he would drop it soon, it was too heavy to carry for very long.
 And then he found another one.

I stood in amazement as he carefully and lovingly fit the two halves together in his hands.  A brilliant heart rock creation. What a fitting night for such a find.

Every evening walk is a great time, but I could tell ~ this night was different.

There are moments in time when you feel that sense of wonder and inspiration?  Time that stands still and lets you and wants you to stop and breathe in all that is good and graced.  This was one of those brief times.  Heavenly.
 We of course couldn't bear to get so close to the farm without checking in.

The babies all cried out as soon as we approached (they all missed me so! :o), and they jumped and ran in circles around their mums.  Joshe is timid around the sheep.  Poor guy, he stands the same height as the ewes!  He was scared off the last time I brought him out the field, all the "maaa" and  "maaa" was unnerving to him.

No, tonight was different.  He wanted to see, to question, to look it all over, and then to sit quietly and watch the ewes and the little ones play.

Isn't she sweet ~ little cookies and cream.  We talked to her and told her how adorable she was. She just couldn't leave us, she would run away and come right back.  

And isn't it something ~ that when you least expect it...the littlest-and-most-amazing-things happen...

And as the *divine filters of light* that led us here, and the sweetest heart of a little boy combine ~ there is no doubt in my heart. This life is so blessed. 
May your walks be blessed with golden sunlight, heart rocks to mark your way, and Jesus just waiting to make you smile.

In love and lambs,
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