Friday, May 21, 2010

playing spring

We are filling up the days with all kinds of wonderful.  As it always does ~Spring has finally arrived~ and it has completely inspired us to new things.

Everyone seems to be out in their yards, birds are frantic-busy, and our feet are so happy to be out of socks, YES! 

Want an idea of what is happening?

A friend of mine offered the cuttings off her grapevine.  I love friends like this.
(Don't show this to DH?  I think he will think I am crazy.)

Then comes the harder part, stretching all the branches across the grass to get the tangle out of them. 

While I am working at this, amidst all my lovely dandelions, I am being serenaded by this.

Yes, I am a blessed woman to have sons with gifted ears and fingers.

And little someone else is up to something back behind the tree...

 Little wonder boy has been playing with this tiny egg for quite a while.  We thankfully snapped a few pics before the little thing crumbled.  It had fallen out of one of our large trees in a windstorm.

A fairly finished vine-y product.  The one on the left is the original and the size I copied. 

Just below the porch I found this lovely vine, just last week where there had been dirt.  A heaven of Hops...I love this vine like my own children, it is so amazingly creative and lively.

And a peek at a new project (for me the Mum) after school gets out and summer begins:

Yep, I can't get enough...

The busy barnyard and me,  

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