Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am here today...

I am borrowing Joshe's signage for my own today.  It is awesome to find you have a son that thinks so much like you do...

I am here today
I am not here, so come find me

(I find that both are applicable for me, too.)

It was Mother's Day weekend and I had a great time, I hope you did as well.

I put my Mother's Day (with my boys) together in one pic, remembering it this way:
DH took me out to eat and gave me a weekend retreat in Park City.  Lovely.  I came home to a new chopper for salsa (joe), a brilliant song with 5 notes & a storybook card taped to a broken-down cardboard box (joshe), a desire to make cookies with Mum (ben), and grass mowed & 1200 dandelion heads plucked off  (pete).  

You can't beat that for a family of all boys! Yes!

And for a quick Spring update I will share a few pics of the family:

Joshe decided he like the idea of creating the "solar system" out of all my printer paper and masking tape.  
He lost his first tooth this spring, too.  He has a full social schedule and keeps track of me ~ a hard job.

Joseph finally finished the state report and gave an amazing oral report on North Carolina.  He reminds me that he only has a little over a week left of school because the last 3 days don't count, they are just fun.  We just finished soccer and I am so proud of the way he plays (very positive and considerate).  Yeah!

Ben does a lot of this...and is getting ready for this...

 and then there is Pete...

It finally happened, he is legally able to drive a vehicle.  Oh, my.  The woman at the desk told me to sign my name on the line under his, and I listened and I did.  Then she informed me that if he did anything wrong/illegal I would now be contacted and held responsible for his actions.

Great. I should have had DH go instead.

Pete just smiled at both of us and said, "Well, if I do something wrong, I just won't get caught." (With his out loud voice).  Oh, my. 

And you knew I wouldn't forget to give you a pic of the lambs, right?

All is well in the barnyard of life.

In gratitude for the *blessed mess* we are,
Thank you Jesus,

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