Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The word is out...

I think the word got out that I was interested in taking pictures. Some new friends showed up for their photoshoot. Thankfully I was ready for them (I had just changed out of my pj's).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Ten lovelies showed up, but they hadn't brushed their fur (a bit mangy from living on the mountain all winter).  I think they are adorable.  I had to do the deer call to get them to look at me ~ the puckered-up-kissy-face-call ~ that my Dad is so famous for. I have seen him use it in the wild, and deer will walk right up to him!

You can see what happens when I stop doing the kissy-face call...

With a flimsy tripod and my feet in flip-flops (I will choose better shoes next time for a photoshoot), I run floppily around the yard for a few more shots from the front of the stonehouse.  I certainly did not sneak up on them as I should have. Flop flop flop. I am sure they were all giggling at me and my silly antics.


 This pretty Mum looks like she might have taken a few minutes to primp, I might give her some extra wallets with her 8x10. 
What are you taking photos of today? (if my mother is reading this, she should be taking pics of her adopted goose - right?)

Are you often surprised when you take a load of pics at what you actually capture?  Me too!

I also love taking others on photo shoots, there is so much that our eyes alone don't see.  
 Tracy Clark from Shutter Sisters has been directing a class I am taking this month, I am thrilled.  I have loved her interesting perspectives and her macro shooting.  I have also been so inspired by the photographers on flicker that just are about sharing what their eyes see.  Wow.  If you like/love photography flicker is such a great resource for inspiration (try joining a group?)

Happy captures to you today, 
in His Grace and Peace always,
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