Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What happens in the snow?

 Last week we had a terrible-cold-snowy couple of days, and it was hard at the farm.  Farmer B. warned me that there could be many lambs lost because of the weather. The wet and cold is hard on lambs and on their Mums, too. I had trouble sleeping, and came over to see the sheep first thing in the morning.

There were losses, but at the same time, the weather brought about 10 more births than any typical day.  That is a huge delivery day!
 Cold. Thankful for their little fleece jackets and hats.  

 Breakfast time.  Everyone is hungry (always).
 And in the stalls...
 My sweetest new friend, Pipsqueak.  

Having to tube feed some triplets. Some survive these conditions with lots of love and help.

Here's a pile of goodness.  All lumped together in the warmth of that sunshine. 

My favorite photo of the morning, the Grandpa in the stalls...


When I get home and get my clothes changed, this is what I find on the counter, Kitty is trying to figure out how I got a sheep home in my camera bag?

Life in the everyday,
here in the barnyard of life,
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