Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am in love

I have found a new calling in life.  I am going to be a baby lamb photographer, how great is that?  (I am only kidding, but barely)

Oh, my goodness!  I knew that by embarking on an adventure into lamby-land would bring great photo opportunities, but I am overwhelmed with a mother's heart.  I was wanting to gather them all up and bring them home in the Suburban. 

They are so stinking adorable (literally!)

The skinny babe (these little guys are just hours old), if they don't get eating soon the rancher comes to help them figure it out.  The little things can hardly stand up!

Lamby love, is that just the sweetest thing? 

The stalls were filled with new life.  The men stand and watch for the ewes that deliver out in the open pasture. They quickly bring in the baby/babies with new mom running behind ~ in order to give them some protection and time to bond (mostly for photo ops, right?).

A waiting room of Mums-to-be.

I think I will have to visit here often, I am overwhelmed by lamby love.  Ewe, too? (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

This little farm is just blocks from me and I have always wanted to move in...perhaps I will this week.

LORD, you care for us as little sheep and I see and feel that today.  Thank you for watching, waiting, thinking, planning, feeding, hoping, and encouraging, You are the hands and the heart of the shepherd that protects and loves us.

Thinking about how messy, crazy and wild our lives are...that is some seriously amazing lamb love.

In you Jesus, we believe...Yes and Amen.

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