Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a collage of class (friday field trip)

A great experience this week...two days of field trips to work on everything we studied in our photography class.  A brilliant idea and plan, just wish the weather could have been warmer.

Here are some more shots from Friday's class.

It started out with all of us crazies in a freezing rain storm. Our instructor Dan calls it a photography expedition.  Right now it is a cold and muddy mess and everyone's fingers are frozen, I am calling it crazy.  (Note: next time bring gloves, hats, and loads of hot coffee)   

Looking for wildlife (for me, lambs of course).  We spotted a huge owl in a pine tree in Spring City.  She had her back turned most of the time, but with a classmate's whistle, I got this peek!

My favorite...old, worn down, and rusty.

We came across some really cool outbuildings on a huge field.  Thankfully one of our classmates owned the property, so we hopped the fence and got crazy with our cameras.  (The only problem, besides freezing, was kneeling in cow pies ~ quite messy).

Some shots may make good black/white images, I will be working on some this week.  

Two of my classmates as they compose.  We spent quite a bit of time shooting each other. 

I learned so much from watching others as they thought through ideas, framed images, and even what lenses they chose to use.  It was a great experience over all. 

Next time, lets go later in the year?
Happy captures to you!
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