Thursday, April 22, 2010

a big stomp

My eye is always drawn to their faces.

They all have such personality. Do you see it, too?

I am sure if I hung out here any more than I do I would be naming them all, and putting clipies in their wooly heads (I warned Farmer B. already).  Some look so regal, some look a bit bossy, some a bit wild-eyed crazy, and some just look like they got a really bad haircut. 

I treat these girls just like I would treat anyone that just gave birth - I look them in the eye, "ooh" and "aww" over the adorable little baby and give them a gentle touch of care and concern.

They look at me with great interest and give me this...


I have it on my list of photos to capture.  This foot-stomp. (This is the best so far.)

I know these girls have it in them to protect their personal space and their babies ~ they have some serious mother-hearts and they show it quite passionately in their hoofs.

And really, what can they do?  As a Mother what would I do if I had no hands to swat away an advancing threat?  No scary bark and no sharp teeth to bare? What's left? All they have is a very stern look, a turn of the body, and that...


Okay, I hear you.  

But, it doesn't mean I won't just reach around your big backside and give you baby a little love pat or rub a fuzzy ear.  I can't help it, I am a Mum, too.

 Love from Lamby-land,
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