Thursday, February 11, 2010

 Gorgeous pink roses from my 16 year old son, Pete. Love love love them! 

I am collecting the treasured cards and love notes from this month. I even copied off the front page of my facebook and included all the fun birthday wishes.  I adore envelopes for my pages, I have boxes and boxes of them (a bit of a fetish).  Don't ever throw away a good envelope...and if you want, you can send me any extras you have...Oh, my...

The pages I am sharing are from a scrapbook challenge this month called LOAD. It is great and is duplicated 3X a year.  I am loving the support and well wishes from our flicker group for these LOAD pages, these girls are really fun.  We have to put out a page a day and be consistent (I am only 2 days off so far~ Yes!), and some of us don't get things posted until 11pm.  Yikes.  

It is fun to sign up for a real creative challenge...lots of bloggers have them.  
If you haven't tried it, do.  It is good to push that creative wall sometimes, you never know what you will end up with? 

I made a serious promise to DH and myself to not "purchase" anything related to scrapbooking for 6 months, I am struggling. I love the thrill of the new.  It is a wide spread addiction in the scrapbook world to "have to" buy things for projects.  Well, I have too damn much and it is preventing me from creative growth ~ I just end up organizing piles of things instead of creating.  Silly me.  

So I will be a better steward of my mess ~ I will keep this promise and be inventive.  The problem now is that I am saving cute junk mail? (Me, "I could scrap that cute pink edge")  Weirdo, I know.
I spent hours last night with two sons filling out valentines.  How about you?  Are you celebrating Valentines Day in a special way this year?  It is one of my fav holidays. I would love some ideas?

Kisses and Hugs!
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