Monday, February 22, 2010

a Monday list

{*digging out* self-portrait} 
A Monday list:
(after all the kids get off to school, I meet with the High School Counselor, and talk to my Mum on the phone, then:)
  •  The dig out. My friend Mitz and I call Monday by it's real name...the Dig Out.  Meaning: to deal with all the crazy mess and trauma that the house has gone through with all the fam home (& all the friends). The whole (dang) thing has to be sorted/cleaned/thrown out.  Its serious work.
  • Image boards.  Still working on these, not thrilled yet. 
  • LOM checklist.  I am trying my best to keep up with the class syllabus for Library of Memories. I am an alumni so I have done the excavation and framework for all of the organizing, I just need to get into the groove of keeping up with a schedule (getting pics into storage binders, moving pics into storage, etc.).  I still haven't yet mastered the whole digi thing either.  I hate learning curves.
  • Tan. Yep, I am a white blob.
  • Open the greenhouse door. I need to assess the winter damage...I don't want to.  I can do bite sized yard work, right?  The ground is still covered in snow ~ fresh snow (whimper).
  • Walk.  Yep, I have to get out of here.
  • Dining Room.  A bit of fly-lady in me this week.  
  • Fish oil, 5HTP, and green tea.  Trying some brain food to see if it helps my serious lack of concentration.  Hoping that it helps immediately?  
  • Find a place to fix a sewing machine, sells 7 year old toys, and has good coffee all in the same general area (road trip to the big city coming up...yes!)
  • Upload LOAD pages (photographs) to my flicker.  It is my non-food treat at the end of the day!  
The Kitty had a hard weekend, too?

So, what does your Monday look like?
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