Friday, February 26, 2010

My latest fav of hybrid scrapbooking.  I love the versatility that comes with a greater sense of technology. I do.  I love all the variety and stuff that comes with really utilizing all the creative mediums.  Its like a visual buffet of goodness to a creative mind!  So many blogs to see!

The ideas coming out of the LOM class this last week have to do with using social networking/media to our advantage and seeing it for what it could extension of creative self.  I understand that computers can be used in a very healthy way,  to make things easier in photo sharing and documenting life.  I like the thought of it~ spreading out my photo-journaling into a variety of ways.  I just wish the whole thing was a hundred times easier.  My eleven yo son is much better at this whole techie thing than I am. 

I get so frustrated with not understanding something!  Argh!

I use and love many the facets of social media. I have the basics down: facebook, email, blog, and online classes. I use them everyday, but outside of those I am a quite lost. I need to just force myself to do more, right?

I sometimes long for the days when I had to drive to Kristi's to use her computer in her basement bedroom~ and that wasn't that long ago! 

So I will start off slowly with the classes I am signed up for:  Photography, Photoshop, May's class in Hybrid scrapbooking.  Breathe in and breathe out.  I know that once you reach the top of the curve, the down hill gets easier, right?  I learned that by watching the Olympics (some of it online :o)

What is your next creative + techie hurdle?

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