Sunday, February 7, 2010

LOAD 2o1o

(a "right now" self-portrait)
I am loving this challenging class this month.  It is called LOAD ~ a very fast paced, prompt oriented, scrapbooking class.  It takes a large dose of discipline to put out a page a day (for the entire month), and this month is a busy one! It helps that I am connected to an online group of girls that are just as crazy as I am about creative-photography-page ideas.  We post all of our work on flicker and then leave comments ~ usually something very positive about some aspect of their work. I think it is a fab idea and I love it. 

I need the extra shot in the arm to get some of my projects finished, and this has all the markings of a great idea + momentum = a huge pile of DONE!  So I am sharing what I have posted so far...with the assigned prompt/idea in the caption. 

 (a depiction of "too much" of something")
 (something older or retro...a precious picture of the fam in 1997)
 (a page using a grid design)

 I am so grateful for all the happy notes shared on fb Wednesday, turning 40 was a bit more interesting than I thought it would be.  :o)  I feel great on this side of that day! 

Love to you on this week of xxx & ooo...
(and YEAH for the Saints!  What a game!)

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