Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have had such validation this morning about what I should be doing.  Don't you love moments like that?  Out of the blue and desperately needed?  Oh, yes.

I am posting a few inspirations I am holding loosely in my hands.  I am looking at starting a couple of new extension classes this spring, and I need to get ready for a week of "greenhousing" ~ an annual labor of love for me.  We have had several weeks of illness in our family and so focusing on things that are about growth and health seem like a God-given gift right now.

What is on your inspiration board today?  How is God leading you?
 The inspiration board. I add things to it with straight pins and hope they stay up. I have an attic workroom with sloping walls, so I have to be inventive with my space.  How do you display your inspiration?  On the fridge?  In a notebook? In frames? 

Pages of Pictures. My progress so far in LOAD 2o1o, I am so thrilled to be working again (creatively :o).  It has helped so much to be forced to create, there is no time for deliberating with the inner critic (am I talking to anyone?)
Stitching. Just getting ready for my new projects ~ and then of course my sweety sewing maching "Trusty" doesn't want to put her foot down (literally), we are having issues.  I have a fab idea I can't wait to try...
Olympics. Okay, so I took this pic of the t.v. screen...I was so thrilled at the sight of all of that skiing this weekend I had leg cramps~ I was trying to ski with them...go! go! go! All the snot at the end of the race is not very nice to look at though, kleenex should be one of their sponsors. 
Grilled Flatbread.  My newest fav recipe. It was the simplest bread recipe for my Valentine soup.  I will have to share? 
Artful Blogging.  I am collecting back issues of this mag...Oh, the creative brilliance and energy these pages give to dull winter eyes.  Instead of being envious or deflated (as I can sometimes get at someone else's "that was so simple and why didn't I think of that?" ideas), these mags just make my spirit sing!  Pick one up, or borrow one of mine, you will see. 
 Ruby Bloom (my favorite florist).  And of course, DH.  Look what he found and picked up for me...the colors, the smells, the fresh yum of blooms...that is a heavenly Yes and Amen. 

Share what your eyes see?
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