Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily inspiration {January stories}

Fun pages, right?  I have taken little pictures/notes/bits of life and put them in these inspiration-keeping pages (Becky Higgins Project Life ~ these page protectors are the BEST).  I love that I can use these boxes as a springboard to writing and planning, like little picture screens showing "our real life, right now", I have already written more this month than the past 6 months, wild creative thought creates more wild creative thought

I have loved that I don't even need to put much thought into planning or thinking through what I will put on the pages, I just fill up the little rectangles with the particulates of life that are all over my work-top and they look fine.
For anyone that hates/dislikes/doesn't want to scrapbook, this is absolutely a gift to you.  Look it up, Project Life, I promise you will love it.

This has been a great start to my inspiration board idea, I am finishing more ideas this weekend, so check back!

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