Sunday, February 28, 2010

blogging 2.o

It takes time and effort to figure things out (obviously an ongoing theme of mine these past several weeks).  I am learning that if you want something to look a certain way on your blog, you can really work yourself into a sweat and still not be able to figure it out.  Lovely.

So, along with putting some pics + words to my blog-fetish layout (scrapbook page), I am working on some new pages at the top of my blog (see them?). I am going to put what I like/love/think about up there and see if I like it.  I would love feedback?  How do you organize your blog and do you like it?

If you leave me a comment and/or a link to your blog, I will send you a homemade postcard I just made (yep...I am a big giver!)

Love to you this weekend!
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