Monday, January 25, 2010

what do you see?

On Hillary's day, a little {heart} in the deer's hoof...
love * love * love
Years ago, when little Hillary was still with us, she taught us to pray.  Every prayer was for others, rarely about herself, and mainly it was about animals.  "Please...bless all the animals in the world" was her signature prayer.  

Now, years later it is such a sweet reminder when the deer are roaming our yard for a frozen apple or some tree bark...she would have loved these quiet winter friends ~ though she would have wanted to tame them and give them all names.  We miss you Hillary...

1.19 peter fighting off the robot bug (thanks Grandma)
1.2o i think his tractor is sexy, i do
1.21 christmas boxed and ready for next year
1.22 all that is left of our holiday greenery
1.23 front porch frivolity
1.24 (first pic) we {heart}you Hillary...from all the animals in the world

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