Friday, January 8, 2010

a pic a day?


1.o6  Sweetest Joseph in the snowy fluff

1.o7   Dinner 4 boys (Joshe made place cards)

I feel so inadequate writing right now, the words aren't there yet.  There is so much back-story to what the pictures show~ I just have to make sense of my feelings about them before the stories can be told (or not told).

There has been so much good happen lately. Ben got excepted on the spot into our local Junior College for this current semester (miracles happened that day for sure!) and Josh is getting so independent and helpful. I am also feeling so much more organized with all the holiday-stuffs taken down and put away.

But then there is the hard ~ DH being ill for weeks without a diagnosis (and all the thoughts and worries that come with that) was so wearing. He is doing better now. Then the catch up with all the school projects/fun/activities, it was starting to overwhelm the system, you know?

I am retooling this month (already, ha!)...

* Schedules for everyday  ("Yes." I say, "I will do laundry today.")
* Structured time for writing every morning
* Fun plans for the weekends
* Recipes to try (with more than 3 ingredients!)
* Fill up the inspiration boards...colors, prose, words...

You?  How are you seeing the beginning of your year? 

***BTW if you think the pics posted are BIGGER, they are!  I finally figured out how to post my pics in a format I like. I really do love to say things with pictures~ good images are so much more appealing when words are weak (and at times they really are, sorry.).  I can be happy now about staying with Blogger! Yes! 

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