Sunday, November 8, 2009

a Sunday list

1. Never had a middle name but always wanted one 2. Loved growing up out in the fields with all the dirt, cockle burrs, and dogs 3. Imagined driving a big diesel truck across the country or being a ballerina (at age 9) 4. Likes dinners that can be put together in 15 minutes or less 5. Has always loved her parents and loves going back home 6. Still finds pickle eating highly offensive 7. Wishes she had written down every wonderful thing her children did or said 8. Still has to learn how to worry less 9. Snacks all day 10. Loves to dig in the dirt and think about perennials a lot, and really dislikes weeding 11. Still struggles with what to do when she grows up (too many good choices) 12. Dreams of gelato 13. Loves to ride bikes 14. Was so tall in elementary school she had to stand next to the teacher in class photos 15. Loved living in so many different places, but her favorite home? Arizona 16. Still struggles with Hillary leaving ~wishes so much she had stayed longer 17. Listens to great worship music, spiritual food that puts a smile on the heart. 18. Never regrets leaving the mormon church, it was a priceless gift to be set free. Thank you Jesus 19. Would love to live in Italy, Spain or France someday. 20. Thinks ART is necessary for daily happiness
21. Knows she will end up in a monastery someday ~ Jesus stole her heart 22. Finds great enjoyment and annoy-ment in a house full of witty young men. 23. Collects bits of life in pictures, scrapbooks, blog posts, and in glass jars around the house 24. Gets swept away with wild and whirling words (Shakespeare) 25. Loves color, had a rainbow bedspread growing up, but is afraid to paint 26. Fell in love with Darren when he played U2 in his car on our second date 27. Loves the early mornings best 28. Remembers always getting nervous and sick on trips, especially when going somewhere where there were bears 29. Never thought she would be a mother ~ can't imagine life without children now 30. Overwhelmed by fun adventures and loving it 31. Loves NYC like a favorite chocolate 32. Is organized by piles - not files 33. Loves it when the house is quiet and the appliances are humming away 34. Thinks Autumn is the perfect season 35. Still loves goats and would gladly adopt 36. Believes that God is always in control, even when life seems to be spinning out of control 37. Wishes she could come up with a simple Christmas card, it drives her crazy 38. Misses spending time with her Grandparents 39. Decided that she really does love espresso after all 40. anticipates that her next year will be a great one...forty.

[The pic is from a shop in Barcelona on a beautiful sunny day with my Mum. The list is for a Yesterday/Today class I am taking (ali edwards), it will look cool as a layout as soon as my new printer gets here - dead printers are no fun. I am in a blogging class that is helping me to understand my style/interest/writing, hence the daily blogging lately...I am dutifully doing my homework today Shimelle!]
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