Saturday, November 7, 2009

a few fall friends

This is my favorite friend right now, my big box of new tissues. I love tissues. My poor face is so sad from this terrible cold/flu. I am getting better, it is just slow. The boys seem better, too.
The funky friend on the front porch. I suspected teenagers would have smashed our pumpkins by now, but now I think we may have shrunken heads by the weeks end. Sort of looks how I feel today?
Joshe and all of the friends he invites over. Like we don't have enough boys? I put these guys to work...Not much got done.

Now the real work begins (in earnest), the weather is on its way. I told the big boys we would move to a tiny apartment if they didn't get to work and I used my angry eyes. It worked.
It also helped that Ben found money in the leaves (I didn't plant it, but I should have). The work seemed to pick up a bit after that.
My favorite part of today. Me and my leaf blower. We are the bestest of friends. It helped that I had 2 full battery packs ~ everyone got in on that fun. Joshe has the fondest memories of helping Grandma when she came to dig us out last year.
Pete got the lawn mowed. You can see their smashed leaf pile under that monster cardboard box? Yep. That is the fruit of our cottonwood tree, a big crunchy messy pile of decomposition. Great stuff.
And in all of that loud-crazy-whirling-mess, we found a fluffy chicken? Yes, we have been adopted by this wonderment of nature. I am calling her Drumstick.

What a day!

Love to you all in all of the mess fall brings.
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