Monday, October 5, 2009

Me: abridged [volume one]

I was working late last night to finish this project, I am so driven to pull it all together. I took all the bits & pieces and covered the entire dining room with this word + pic conglomerate.

What a wild & fun MESS!

I have loved the creative writing for this project ~ it is more than I have written in years. The hunt for pictures for all kinds of topics kept my eye open for unique camera shots. There isn't much problem with "chocolate" or "peonies" but when it came to "Glory" or "visceral" what pictures do you use? Hmmm....It was a thinker!

The randomness of entries and being able to pull together the past, present, good, bad, and yucky ~ it was an emotional process. I have loved doing this project for my 4oth birthday (coming up) and I hope to add pages as I move forward. Perhaps a 10 year project?

The pages came together easily, nothing random about the format, it was already set.

I sand the edges of my pics, it makes it okay for the page to be a little messy, that way I can throw off my inner-perfectionist-critic. Perfect doesn't exist in a sanded world.

And finally YES! I put in the last pages and a title page. I went back today and wrote a little note in the back to encourage creative expression, to not be afraid to tackle a real and emotional topic, and to ask beg for forgiveness for any grammatical embarrassment (I live with editors).
Now onto this...little PTA delights.
and this...Ali Edwards brand new class at BPS.
and a wild scrap-sister retreat to plan.
(All of these ideas floating around while I should be doing yard work - the snow is coming soon, I can feel it.)

What are you doing this fall?
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