Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Write Like a Grown Up?

Writing much. Thank heavens the local phones are not working today (when I pick up all I hear is the local radio station??) and the media is fixated on things that irritate me, so I am leaving the tv off. All I have is the tap tap tap of fingers and a garbage truck outside, I love it.

I just have to keep this 'topical study' thing going, letter by letter. [If I lost you, I am writing a short book, called "Me: the abridged version"]. It is fun to see all the little bits of my life pulled together in one place. Kind of like a visual of a life in words and pics? A Collage in book form? Obviously I am still getting my own head around it.

When I am not careful, I start writing "we" and "us" and then my idiosyncrasies or my loves get morphed into "family likes" or "us favorites". Very easy for a mother to do, to turn into a conglomerate of her husband-kids-cat. Know anyone like that? A sort of non-self. Nope, this is to remedy that. This book is about the weirdness and wonder of Moi, in a non-egocentric way. Funky and fun entries, and I do like my eggs scrambled! (if you've seen the movie Runaway Bride)

I spent too much time last night editing "Peter" and not enough on editing "pet peeves" and "peonies"...I will have to go back. Have you ever tried to see your life through the letter P? Try it, it is a cool study in...well...something cool about yourself.

It will be an awesome book in the end, and I get to use PSE? Shaa...Perhaps not a big deal to anyone else, but I have NO IDEA what I am doing and I am excited to have someone teach me.

Besides, this whole thing is great *practice/discipline/focus* to get my brain to turn on again (please no jokes). I am realizing that my ability to communicate on an adult level has taken quite a hit with 20 years of raising preschoolers. Ouch.

I do read, keep up with the news, have adult friends, listen to NPR and understand politics (somewhat), but I do a lot of talking to young children (and teens - worse?!) and I think it cancels out all the synaptic growth - a bit like sniffing gasoline?

It is time to make a change. Wake up brain, we are on a roll...
The class I am so promoting (with the cute pic) is a creative writer's dream. Come along, join in, sign up...it is soooo fun. Like Obama said at a Labor Day rally yesterday...

"Fire it up....Ready to go...Fire it up...Ready to go....Fire it up...Ready to go..."

Whatever you are working on today, have a lovely Tuesday,

Psalms 15:30

jj (with twinkling eyes - the message bible today)
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