Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September (the middles)

(September 8 -9)
I may look like an over achiever this week...ha! It is called a rotten case of jet lag. My Spanish version? A strangely chaotic mental state of being super tired during the evening and then I can't sleep after 2am. It is slowly improving, but I am getting a great deal done (just the cat and I are up and busy working in the dark).

"Great...and I am already questioning my sanity on normal days," I say out loud to the kitchen sink.

As I peruse new pics coming out of the camera (all such lovelies), I am still drawn to work on this "September" book. It is a very good thing, it is helping me remember the days as they come and go. When traveling, it is so easy to lose days. I still have to fill in days during the trip...waiting on pics.

I actually had visions of certain pages on my trip, I know ~ weirdo.
(September 10 - 13)
(September 14 -15)
(September 21-22)

I hope everyone in the real world is enjoying the first days of Fall. They are delicious!

Love to you in Jesus,
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