Monday, September 21, 2009

a prelude {spanish path of adventure}


Classical Spanish guitars
Chocolate for breakfast
Espresso con leche
Fluffy crisp white beds
Royal decrees and formalities
Beautiful people and places
Spontaneous artistic expression
Spiritual rumblings in ancient places
Helados at 4pm

Finding my way out of a suitcase again this morning, after endless hours of travel and an unknown amount of sleep, I have been reminded of how blessed I am.

Thank you Mum for the amazing adventures you dared us to have, you are my inspiration!

Thank you Madrid and Barcelona for the wildly entertaining travels, you are treasures to behold.

Thank you family, for letting the mother and wife you need go half-way around the world. I know you may not understand, but it makes me so happy. I love each one of you so much.

Thank you God for the journeys you never want me to be bored. You are my life.

I Love you.
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